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With S2B you can easily find the next generation of technologists that have Microsoft technology skills including .Net, Windows, SharePoint, SQL and others for short-term projects, internships and entry level jobs.


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Success Stories

See how others use S2B to gain a competitive advantage.

Success Stories

Success Stories

See how others use S2B to gain a competitive advantage.

Leverage Imagine Cup and S2B

Meet Microsoft Student Partners and learn how they have leveraged Imagine Cup and S2B to bring more expertise to the workforce

Value of Connecting With Students

Watch as local and global Microsoft Industry Partners discuss the value of connecting with students through S2B Global Challenges, Local Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1: What type of partners are the best fit to participate in S2B?
A1: All US partners are eligible to submit job descriptions for S2B - ISV, NSI, VAR, etc. The best partners are those seeking employees with Microsoft technical skills.

Q2: Will S2B help partners recruit Sales & Marketing employees?
A2: For now, S2B is limited to technical jobs. We hope to expand S2B to Sales & Marketing jobs in future years.

Q3: Who is the right point of contact from the partner company for S2B?
A3: Recruiting contacts, Technical Decision Makers and Microsoft relationship managers will likely be most interested in this program.

Q4: How will Microsoft identify "qualified" students and candidates?
A4: All partners seek different qualifications and skills in entry-level and internship candidates. Therefore, S2B will allow partners to search a resume database based on Microsoft certifications, skills and experiences as they relate to the open position.

Q5: Is S2B available to assist with recruiting outside of the US?
A5: Yes. These materials apply to S2B in the US, but the program originated outside of the US. Countries currently operating S2B are posted at www.s2bprogram.com.

Q6: Will the program be targeted at FTE and summer interns?
A6: Yes - entry-level jobs and internships.

Q7: What certifications will be required of candidates?
A7: No requirements, rather we hope to help the candidates to build their qualifications through training and vouchers to complete certification exams.

Q8: Will campus curriculum be changed?
A8: That is part of our long term goals around LSE and the Academic programs in general, but it is not likely we will influence curriculum in the first year of the program.

Q9: How can a partner begin leveraging the process?
A9: Go to http://s2b.experience.com/employers to sign up, post a job and begin targeting the candidates you are looking for.

Q10: What is the fee if any if we select an intern?
A10: No fee. $0

Q11: What is the placement fee if any if we hire a full time placement?
A11: No fee. $0

Q12: How is the program marketed to the students and what universities are currently being marketed to (is the list attached the total list of universities)?
A12: Marketing includes a combination of targeted email and web ads, newsletter promotions, etc and more extensive advertising through sites like MySpace. We will also utilize the Microsoft staff that concentrates on students to promote the program and the Student Partners (students on campus who represent Microsoft). The Student Partners are limited to the list you are referring to but the rest of the marketing will apply to all students across the US.

Q13: By submitting a job description, are the partners committing to any fees now?
A13: No.

Q14: How do students respond to the posting? Directly to partner or to Microsoft?
A14: Directly to partner. Students can apply online and you will be able to enter the site to review the applications. You will also be able to search the resume bank and proactively contact students. If you prefer, your job description can instruct students to email you directly. Occasionally Microsoft may recommend some students for your consideration.

Q15: What if I do not receive any applications to my listing?
A15: We encourage you to conduct a candidate search and reach out to potential candidates. You can also consider placing your posting to the entire Experience.com network (fees apply).

Q16: Are there any current success metrics available on the program? Any metrics for other countries?
A16: We have had many successes both in the US and globally. Since the engagement is between employer and students, our metrics center around number of contacts and connections which are consistently growing.

Q17: Are the postings published in the university career centers?
A17: No, not yet. In the future we hope to work with campus career centers to promote the job postings on our site. They will be posted to a portal that we will promote on campuses across the US. The portal will be a joint venture with a vendor who has an established reputation in the student jobs space.

Please contact s2bus@microsoft.com with any additional questions.

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5 Quick Tips
These are tips on frequently used functionality:

Quick Tip # 1: Creating and Editing Jobs

Creating a Job:

1. Select
2. Fill in form field information
3. Select your preferred application method
4. Select

Editing a Job:

1. Select
2. Select the Job Title
3. Click and make any changes to the job
4. Select

Bonus Tip: Closing a Job – If you need to close a job early, select the "Close this job" link on the upper right side of the Job Details page    

Quick Tip # 2: Editing Your Company and Contact Profiles

Edit Your Account Information:

To Edit Your Account Information:

1. From the Home page or any page, select the link in the right hand corner to edit your Microsoft Students to Business Experience account information.

2. Select and change the information you would like to change

3. Select

Note: If you work with more than one Organization/eRecruiting School, you will need to repeat these steps to edit the information for each community.

Quick Tip # 3: Repost a Job

Your posting became active in our system as soon as you completed the posting process. It will remain in the system for 30 days unless you cancel the posting.

Repost a Job:

1. To reactivate your posting once it expires, from the Manage Jobs tab on the navigation bar select the Students to Business dropdown option.

2. Select your job title under Inactive Posts and then select .

Bonus Tip: If you would like your posting to be extended to 60 or 90 days please email crowe@microsofts2b.com with the request. As an administrator of the account I am happy to extend your posting for you.

Quick Tip # 4: Conducting a Candidate Search

Searching for Candidates:

1. From the Home Page, select

2. To narrow your search, enter keywords or use the provided search fields for more advanced searching, click to expand search options

3. On the Candidate Search Results page, you can select to "save this search" in the top left as a saved search and receive email notifications when new students who meet your saved criteria enter the community.

Working with your Search Results:

1. Once you have search results, you can click on the student name to review his/her profile or click on the"resume" link in the students profile to view his/her resume.

Communicating out to Students:

1. Select the students name from the search results list

2. Use the "Contact Candidate" link in the Contact Tracker box (see above)

3. Compose your message

4. Review the standard note that will be sent out

5. Click to complete the process or to view the message

Bonus Tip: Review a group of resumes – review a group of resumes in one batch by check marking the students and using the "select an action menu" to select "Print/Download Documents".

Bonus Tip: Searching - Keep in mind that the Advanced Search fields search off of the student profile and some students may not have completely filled out their profiles. It is best to keep your searches basic to start. Try searching using one to three search fields first to see how many results you get.

Bonus Tip: Invite to Apply – You can only invite a student to apply if you have a current job posted with the S2B.

Quick Tip # 5: Posting to An Individual School

Post to An Individual School:

To post a job to an individual school for free you must first request access to link with that school's eRecruiting system. Once the school approves your link request, you will then follow their posting procedures.

Linking your account to a school will allow you to post jobs and/or internships, search resume books, review and accept applicants, view a calendar of your events, communicate with candidates and keep in touch with the career center.

To begin:

1. From the Home page or any page, from the top navigation bar select

2. Under "Your Linked Schools" select Link more school accounts.

3. Select a school Name from the drop down list and choose to from the school automatically through the system. The school will be sent an automatic notification to review your request. Until the school approves your request, it will be listed as "Pending" on your Dashboard.

4. Once the school approves your link request, click on the school name which will appear on the Access Linked Schools page. (Note: From this main school page you will see that you can also search through the school's targeted resume books and also access the school's calendar of employer events).

5. To post directly to that school's eRecruiting site, click Jobs, and then click the Create a new job link to the right.

6. Repeat this process to work with your other eRecruiting schools.

Bonus Tip: View Career Fairs – click  for a listing of upcoming career fairs

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